Joe Olson

Owner, Designer, Graphic Artist, Web Developer, Hand Model, Marketer, Order Fulfillment Specialist, Investor, Tester, Chef, Cook and Bottle Washer at

In August 2013 I got bored.  Not just regular bored, but the type that makes everything you do seem dull. I had a real job. I had friends. I had plans for the weekend. I could pay rent. I was healthy. I was a successful adult by societal standards, yet I was bored.

I needed to do what I actualy enjoyed doing. I have designed a few things that make my life just a little easier.  I realized that if nobody had access to these inventions, I was not helping anybody.  Those who could benefit from my design could not get one if they were not being sold.  With the realization that nobody would bring this wheelchair joystick handle to those who need it,  I had to do it myself.  

My mission has come full circle as I am now making and selling Assistive technology.  I do not want to sell the same stuff that made me frustrated 14 years ago. And this is where you come in.  I want you to be my collaborator.  A piece of technology is not about what someone else thinks you need or how they think you would use it.  Its about how you use it and how you feel about it.  When you open the box, it is now yours.  I want you to share your personal story, what led you here, and what happened when the ErgoJoystick became yours

Joe in Baltimore