Chair Setup

How to setup your joystick for maximum comfort!

side view showing setup

When your hand rests on the joystick handle:

  1. Elbow should be able to rest on armrest
  2. Joystick handle should hold your hand slightly higher than your armrest pad.
  3. Upper arm should be nearly vertical with elbow  near midline of your body
  4. Joystick should be in line with shoulder, elbow and hand

    Some additional points

    • The handle will twist around joystick shaft.  I find this to be a comfort feature as it allows your wrist to change positions, keeping the wrist lose when driving long distances.  It also allows you to turn the handle to give better access to buttons on the controller.

    • The handle is not designed to be grabbed.  Rest your palm on the handle and let your fingers and thumb hang loose.


    The ergojoystick has the same safety concerns as "goalpost style" joystick handles.  If you do not currently use such a handle take note of the following prior to using the handle 

    • The handle is wider than the knob that came with the chair.  It may stick out farther than the edge of the controller.  Keep this in mind when driving in tight spaces. 

    • Be careful of any surface that the handle could hit or get caught under.  These are usually tall tables.  If it gets trapped while the chair is in a driving mode, the chair will move uncontrollably.

    • Be aware that your shirt or jacket sleeve may hang beneath the handle.  If it does,  pay attention when taking your hand off the handle.  If the cuff tends to catch, it may make the chair move unintentionally.

    • The handle can easily get caught on clothing or bags of people walking close by.  Always turn off your chair when you are not driving especially on busses or where people will be walking near you.