Dani chases a crab with a Panther

Dani MD, USA


I am a C5/6 quadriplegic and have been using the Stingray ErgoJoystick handle for nearly 3 years and have been totally satisfied with its functionality and all-day comfort. I recently field tested the newest ErgoJoystick model, the Panther, which incorporates a hinge feature that allows for added flex and range of motion in my wrist. With more maneuverability, it does feel as if I have quicker, smoother, and more nuanced control over my power chair. Although the Panther offers more upright support for the hand under the weight bearing parts (where the center and top of the palm rests,) this feature did not suit me particularly because I have a very petite and lightweight hand (without much tone) and so I find that my hand starts to slip forward as I drive. Even though I love the flex in the Panther, I do prefer when my hand feels more "wedged in" with the Stingray. It all comes down to personal preference and body type, but one thing I know for sure is that I will never go back to using traditional joystick handles such as the knob, ball, or goalpost.