Elaine Catches a Stingray!

Elaine PA USA

Elaine's Stingray

I’ve been using the Stingray model of the ErgoJoystick for approximately 2 weeks now and have been greatly impressed by the increased comfort and reduce fatigue of this joystick. While I have reasonable finger function, I have chronic pain in my right wrist and thumb. Compared to my standard, small ball joystick, using the Stingray ErgoJoystick  has given me greater comfort, especially on long distance trips. I’ve also been equally impressed on how easy it is to use while wearing heavy winter gloves, a Pittsburgh winter necessity, since wearing gloves usually makes it fairly hard to control the joystick. It is unusual and difficult to find products that fit my smaller than average hands, making a nice feature of the ErgoJoystick is that it can be custom sized. Overall, I’ve been impressed by the Stingray ErgoJoystick, and will continue to use this product long into the future.