Jean Marie Poses with her Stingray!

Jean-Marie TN USA

 Jean-Marie poses with her Stingray

I am in love with this joystick! At first it seemed a little oddly shaped, and is slightly too large on the left side. But the comfort of driving my wheelchair more than makes up for this. The customizing options are also a huge bonus! People stopped me on more than one occasion interested in hearing more about my unique joystick. Some even wanted to know where they could get one.
The first few days took a little getting used to. It was an adjustment to go from grasping a knob with my fingers, to resting my whole hand. The drive is now smooth and my finger joints don’t lock up from the cold. It’s also much easier to drive up hill, because I am no longer straining to extend my arm forward. My hang simply rests comfortably on the joystick. I could not say anything truly negative about this innovation. I love using it, and will recommend it to anyone else looking to drive his or her wheelchair comfortably!