Matt has some concerns about his Stingray!


 Matt and his Panther

I have used the Ergo JoyStick consistently for two weeks. I use my power chair 99% of the time and therefore, a joystick 99% of the time.

As a person with quadriplegia for 21+ years with tendonitis and carpal tunnel, the Ergo JoyStick handle is definitely more comfortable than a traditional joy stick...especially when going forward and backward...the two most used directions. My wrist and hand are a source of chronic pain and burning and the handle provides some relief.

The position of my wrist is more relaxed and natural. I like that the handle is custom fit to me.

I like the handle so much that I am actually in the process of raising my desk to accommodate the height of this new joystick.


Pulling up to a table, desk, my steering wheel while driving...are all dangerous with the handle due to its height. Many times, it has hit the surface of the said items, sendings chair out of control. The only solution to this I think, is if there was a way to lower the wheelchair controller so when the handle is attached and therefore adds height, that it ends up being the  height as the original joystick that comes on the controller. Sleeves also catch on it. People bump into it more easily than the traditional joystick. Also, I sometimes hang grocery sacks on my controller and with the size and shape of the handle, I can no longer get a bag on/off without assistance. I also suggest making the device out of something the recipient can heat up and mold to their hand. To explain further, at times I would like for the top of the handle to extend so that my fingers are not curled over the device, but rather are flatter with my fingers straight akin to a splint. 

Read Caution section at bottom of set-up page for more information on safety concerns